See Also: Uwe Boll Can't Get His Movie About Killing Wall Streeters to Open in New York

Assault on Wall Street
Written and directed by Uwe Boll
Phase 4 Films
Opens May 10
Available On Demand

That suggests the one question in all this nonsense worth thinking about: Is it truly more moral to enjoy such bloody fantasizing when the big bad is some murderous international outlaw rather than the bottom-line-humping son of a bitch who declined to cover your cousin's chemo? If this violence upsets us, why doesn't the rest?

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Uwe Boll is taping the zeitgeist, and better than Fincher did in Fight Club.  He may be not be the best filmmaker, well, not even a good one, but he is into something that is not being covered in the regular Hollywood output.  I found the first hour to be very well filmed, the long and gradual descent into financial hell.  I do not care about the revenge fantasy that follows.


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