Maybe they bleep your swearing, because it’s a PG-13. You know, for the kids.

And maybe you’ll be filmed puttering around a hotel room, singing “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters to yourself. And maybe that song won’t be listed in the closing credits because maybe your producers didn’t bother with licensing. And maybe some prick reviewer at some rag someplace will put that fact into some review, knowing that the copyright holders of pop songs search the Internet all day, every day, for any indication that someone someplace might owe them some royalties.

Location Info


Cinema Village

22 E. 12th St.
New York, NY 10003

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: East Village


Hating Breitbart
Directed by Andrew Marcus
Rockaway Mountain Pictures
Opens May 17, Cinema Village
85 minutes
Rated PG-13

That’s what the media does. They try to fuck the good ones.

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