To Actresses on the Brink of 40: Go Bad or Go Home

Playing evil is more fun than playing good anyway, right?

Charlize Theron in Young Adult.
Charlize Theron in Young Adult.
Amy Adams in The Master.
Amy Adams in The Master.


So just play it cool, or even better, ice-cold. Trying to be likable at all costs isn't unlike trying to stay young—it looks increasingly desperate, and people get tired of it pretty quickly. Just ask Heather Graham or Hilary Swank what that's like. (Go ahead, I'm sure they can fit you into their schedules.) Take a page out of the always career-savvy Amy Adams's handbook and give a brutal, dead-eyed handy once in awhile, preferably while pushing the recipient of said handy further into insanity. When your industry gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then pour it in someone's eyes.

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Wow. That was cold. Ice-cold!

 "'ve probably noticed you're no longer Maxim enough to play the love interest of decades-older action heroes and overweight comedy stars..." - LOL

Dictator ego-stroking is also apparently not a viable career option for actresses over 40...(see J Lo and Hilary Swank's recent shenanigans).


Hitler believed himself in possession of his mother's demonic stare. We may have lots of roles opening up for evil, cowing witches, but do you really want to play a part in boring yourself into our consciousness like that?


Uhh..... it's Jacki Weaver (no "e") & she wasn't in The Queen

studiesincrap topcommenter

@scott.sgl That's some weird coding problem -- thanks for pointing it out. Weaver is credited with Animal Kingdom and Helen Mirren with The Queen, but several words are going missing for some reason. The web folk are working on it. (As for Jacki Weaver -- yep, that's an editing cock-up.)


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