Man of Steel: Making Sense of All That Christ and Death Stuff

Warning: This discussion is thick with spoilers.

It's really important that Superman be charming, something the filmmakers obviously understood. There's a lot that's right with Man of Steel. But in the end, maybe the filmmakers just didn't trust Superman enough.

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Zod had no interest in "taking his battle elsewhere"; Zod wanted to die and take down as much of humanity with him as he could. Zach Snyder made a film with a tremendous amount to like about it and the endless critic-whining has made for some of the most boring reading I've ever read.

Robert Dean
Robert Dean

You're probably not his either, so no harm, no foul, huh?


I groaned when it was revealed that Zod was still on Earth, rather than sucked along with the others into some other dimension, for it meant Superman was going to have to kill him. You're not sure exactly how, because at best they only seem to be able to knock the other flat, but the neck-snapping bit seemed conceivable enough -- worth your latitude. It's a bit sad, like it's sad to see any farmer's son who's here-to-fore managed to stick to raising crops, having under dress having to snap the head off a prize rooster, but it's not beyond him. The Christ imagery was fine enough: this Superman has zero ego; the guy is primed to die so we might live -- a living sacrifice; a patsy. 


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