Ben Brafman, a prominent defense lawyer who represented DiPietro and describes himself as a friend of her father, called the Voice to say that DiPietro was a minor witness who cooperated fully.

"A story like this could damage her career irreparably, but there are people who don't care about that," he says. "Anybody who thinks she got the job because of the Fisher case is crazy. Two years later, her father made a contribution to Hynes. One thing has nothing to do with the other."

Brafman has been a staunch Hynes defender, most recently in a letter to the website ProPublica.

Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes
Caleb Ferguson
Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes

Brafman told the Voice that he was able to get articles about DiPietro's hiring "killed" at the New York Post and the New York Daily News in recent weeks. "I went all the way up the chain at the Post and the News, and they ultimately concluded that this is a bad story," he says.

On Monday, after learning that the Voice had called the Post and Daily News for comment, Brafman called again. "This is a bad story based on inaccuracies and lies," he said to a reporter. "That's why they didn't run it." He also insisted that he never told the Voice he had spoken to the Post.

When reached for comment, a Daily News spokesman said that "the story is still in the works." A spokesperson for the Post had not responded to the Voice's questions by press time.

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