Pride Issue: Why Don't Lesbians Hook Up Online?

Ms. Right, not Ms. Right now

Even so, some women would still like more mystery than the TMI other lesbians require before even a coffee date. "Part of the fun was meeting someone who didn't know me and who I knew very little about," says Brooklyn attorney McCormack-Maitland, who tells the Voice she found her current partner online.

Some sex-positive lesbians believe they've located the real reason why so many of their sisters won't try to hook up virtually: Sinclair Sexsmith, the blogger known as Sugarbutch, tells the Voice lesbians are often "deeply afraid" of making the first move. That's why New York lesbian event producer Milly DuBouchet plans to offer talking points in her forthcoming Parlez to boost come-ons. "If an app came around that took away the awkwardness in lesbian hookups," Sexsmith says, "it would help hundreds get laid." ❤

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