Still, the group has experienced some danger. When Dark Guardian and a member named Spectre once confronted a pimp in Harlem River Park, they say the pimp threatened them instead. They called the cops, who searched the pimp's house, discovering a handgun, an AR-15, two high-capacity magazines, and nearly 900 rounds of ammunition.

Another member, Tango, posed as bait during the Park Slope groper scare last summer. When she left Freddy's Bar, pretending to be drunk, other members trailed her, taking down license plate numbers of the men who tried to get her into their cars.

But most of the time, all NYI has to do is stand there, Zero says.

C.S. Muncy

The team spots a large crowd of teenagers hanging outside a Village flower shop that's experienced a spate of robberies. Zero, Dark Guardian, and Meredith walk up to examine the buckets of sunflowers. "Did you know dandelions are really good for you?" Zero asks his team.

"Skateboard cop," one teenager mutters to a friend before the crowd thins and disperses.

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