Many questions remain. If MLB has copies of Bosch's personal notebooks and business records, it's unclear how the league obtained them. Experts also question whether Bosch's testimony, combined with those records, would be enough evidence to suspend players. In the past, only positive drug tests have led to suspensions.

Yet that precedent may be changing. Cesar Carrillo, a minor-leaguer in the Tigers system, was suspended 100 games in March, reportedly over his ties to Biogenesis.

In the weeks to come, baseball will reportedly interview Bosch, review its evidence, and present its case to an arbitration panel. Most of the players named in ESPN's latest story have declined to comment: Ryan Braun told reporters that "the truth has not changed" but refused to speak further. Alex Rodriguez released a statement that he would "monitor the situation and comment when appropriate."

Where all of that leaves Porter Fischer is much less clear. He still has hundreds of pages of Biogenesis records. He's willing to help any authority that wants to pursue Tony Bosch. And if MLB would offer him the same assurances it had evidently given Bosch, he'd even be willing to cooperate.

For now, he wonders how Tony Bosch ended up in the catbird seat.

On a recent afternoon, Fischer paces his neat, dimly lit room. He passes by the Xbox, the free weights, and the 2-foot-tall red statue of the Incredible Hulk with exploding pecs and bulging veins. As he rails against Major League Baseball and the Department of Health, he swigs vodka and cranberry juice from a plastic mug.

"Everything is backwards in this story now. The good guy has been molded into the bad guy and vice versa," he says, his voice rising with indignation. "What did I do wrong? I stood up for myself. I exposed a bad guy breaking the law and ruining a sport."

Shaking his head, he pauses to refill his mug. He has regrets: He never should have given his friend the notebooks or left the documents in his car in Boca. He never should have trusted MLB or the DOH.

But he doesn't regret any of it—exposing Tony Bosch or throwing a monumental wrench into America's pastime. He just wonders when he'll see justice. "Why am I still paying for everyone else's sins?" he asks.

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@alex325nyc bro its not false its ALL TRUE...that's coming from a first hand account of the situation.... there is A LOT more to the story, and let just say that the people involved were in fact not to be messed with.  Most of the story is true other than the amount of money exchanged and a bunch of other vital information left out and not disclosed..  This is coming from a first hand account and individual.  Bosch was an asshole and people other than the ball players knew exactly what they were getting in this "anti aging clinic", including women and body builders as well.  THEY ALL KNEW, word travels fast in this world, especially in Miami, Florida, and Coral Gables (where there is an abundance of money) .  And lets just say MLB and AROD tried scaring the wrong people..   At the end of the day the story is true and authorities knew as well.  I can tell you 150 million percent sure that everything is true and lets just say the wrong people were tried to be "intimidated" and involved.  Bosch was a jerk off that had the papers in case something like this happened as a "get out of jail free card" and unfortunately for Bosh's stupidity the papers fell in the wrong hands.  As I said everyone wiped there foot prints clean as well as their fingerprints.  They were not dealing with amateurs TRUST ME.  And as I said a lot more happened and a lot more cash was exchanged.  The wrong people were "intimidated" and MLB and A ROD made major mistakes or else all this could of been avoided if it weren't for 6,400 dollars that Bosh owed and A RIDS lies abd scheming.  This is coming from someone that knows first hand.  There are more names out there that will come out soon.  All of this could of been avoided if it weren't for Bosh's stupidity and A RODS lying and scheming.  But he 150% took juice and Bosh even administrated it  (because AROD was afraid of needles)  but there were other ways the steroids could be administered as well as sending A ROD over night packages before big games.  I can tell you other substances that were taken by him but it would give away who I am.  So Bosh you rat (because  he made a deal with MLB for co operation so they talk to the the justice system).   Lets face it sports are higher than then the justice system, you could of avoided it and A ROD you scheming bastard you should not of thought  you could could out trick or scheme "ordinary" people. just because you have 200 million the way thank you for the Spanish food, even though it tasted like crap.  And oh yeah "Bud" Seligs and the higher ups in MLB's hands are as dirty as anyone else involved.  Remember "Bud"......"Ya this is Mr. Selig, but most everyone calls me Bud, like a friend." I quote.  So all this being said, think what you people want but MLB is as dirty as BOSH, A ROD and everyone involved.  They implied but not told people "to get the list by any means necessary and MLB is willing to give you what you need" 


These "records" are all hand-written.  Yet Bud Lite (Selig) claims to have e-mails, texts, etc.  As Dr. Henry Lee would say:  Something wrong here.


I'm not surprised that authorities didn't rely much on this guy.  He sounds delusional.  All the "evidence" he claims to have gathered disappeared in bizarre ways.  And there are people following him everywhere, conspiring against him... He needs to cutback on the roids and get a real job.


@alex325nyc bro its not false its ALL TRUE...thats commine from a first hand account of the sutuation.... there is A LOT more to the story, and let just say that the peopleinvolved were in fact not to be messed wih

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