Meg Webster, Pool (1998)
Matthew Septimus
Meg Webster, Pool (1998)


'EXPO 1: New York'
MOMA PS122-25 Jackson AveLong Island City718-784-2084, momaps1.orgMOMA, 11 West 53rd Street, 212-708-9400, moma.orgThrough September 2

"EXPO 1" says a lot that is already known, especially by the audience that will be most engaged with the programming. The world has gone to shit, and it's only innovative solutions by smart people that can save it from devolving into apocalypse. What's not mentioned is the dangerous complacency required to accept that the environmentally concerned "EXPO 1" has only sponsor —Volkswagon of America, a car company. The world is falling apart out there—but here we anticipate the excitement of the aftermath rather than the prevention of the fall.

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