5 Ways The To Do List Is a Radically Feminist Film

A Guide to Decoding Its Girl-Power Clues

5. Its feminist utopia. Despite taking place in Boise, Idaho, The To Do List exists in as close to a feminist paradise as one might find on this planet outside of a lesbian commune. Things aren't perfect: Brandy's Limbaugh-reading dad (Clark Gregg) is a (hilarious) prude, and her pool-manager boss Willy (Bill Hader) delights in calling attention to her flat chest. But Willy's teasing is much more big brother-y than grounds for sexual harassment, and the rest of the film's characters seem to live in a universe where respect for a woman and her desires is de rigueur and slut-shaming an unknown practice. Brandy's best friends (Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele), her self-appointed Q and Moneypenny of Operation Anti-Purity, are equally supportive of their friend's extracurricular activities. (Shawkat's Fiona does call Brandy a "slut" midway through the film, but it's clear from the context that she's lobbing the first insult that comes to mind and doesn't really mean it.) It's not just Brandy, then, but all Boise citizens who create such a wholesomely sex-positive, Leave It to Brandy's Beaver kind of backdrop for safe sexual experimentation. It doesn't take a village to get a woman laid, but it certainly helps when they're not throwing stones at her for it.

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Bonnie Osborne
Bonnie Osborne


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Feminism is essentially a Marxist paradigm as like its calcified parent it conveniently attempts to fashion arguments leaving nature out of the debate.  This is because Marx basically secularized messianic Judaism which teaches that nature a la the "fall" from grace in the Garden of Eden was a curse that needs to be reversed.  He was essentially its messiah and in place of the chosen people he placed the proletariat, and the apocalypse was replaced by the communist revolution.  Feminism thereby argues that the "double standard" which nature imposes upon us is a similar "accident" and can be indoctrinated away by "re-education".  This is why ALL social/Marxist regimes have historically sought to re-educate its citizens which naturally doesn't work resulting in death camps, which BTW is what Bill Ayers believes will be necessary for those Americans who will not be brainwashed into believing in communist theory.  Ol' Bill estimates that at the very least 25 million will have to be done away with.  GO BILL!  in any case, feminism as a "theory" is a raging joke.  Have a nice day!


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