Most importantly, In a World… is Bell's first crack at finding her own voice as a filmmaker. If ladies can't voice trailers, at least they can be heard in the stories female directors decide to tell. Which will happen first: a second female director winning an Academy Award or a second female voiceover actress landing a blockbuster theatrical trailer campaign?

Don "Thunder Throat" LaFontaine.
Don "Thunder Throat" LaFontaine.

Location Info


Landmark Sunshine Cinema

143 E. Houston St.
New York, NY 10002

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Lower East Side


In a World...
Written and directed by Lake Bell
Opens August 9 at Landmark Sunshine Cinema
Opens August 16 in select cities

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Melamed deadpans, "Will we have a woman president? Undoubtedly. Will we have a woman Don LaFontaine? Maybe."

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