Life Advice From Alice in Chains

They've been around for 26 years. They know a few things.

His advice to the many bands who ask him for it? "It's your life. Do the best you can, and take your lumps. You learn from fucking up, not from doing things up. Don't be a victim. Don't do it on the backs of others. If you're OK with yourself, for the most part, you'll be OK with life."

As Alice in Chains co-headline the Uproar Tour with Jane's Addiction, they're on the road with lot of old friends. "We made our own opportunities," reflects Kinney of the band's early days of touring. "We'd play with Poison and with Iggy Pop. Our whole deal was, 'Are people there? Cool, 'cause we're pulling about 12.' That's what helped the band. We're out with Van Halen, with Slayer, with Extreme. We pushed our way into the mainstream because we went anywhere we could. We didn't completely fit in. But we do: We're a rock band. We play rock songs."

Four wise men: Alice in Chains
By Johnny Buzzerio
Four wise men: Alice in Chains

Location Info


PNC Bank Arts Center

Exit 116 Garden State Parkway
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Category: Music Venues

Region: New Jersey

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

1000 Ocean Parkway
Wantagh, NY 11793

Category: Music Venues

Region: Allerton


Alice in Chains play August 17 at PNC in Holmdel, New Jersey, and August 18 at Jones Beach in Wantagh.

Ultimately, Kinney and Cantrell remain the pre-grunge Seattle boys who were in the KISS Army, and possessed of none-too-lofty ambitions, as Kinney reminisces. "We're still the same; then, our goal was to sell out a bar when we got old enough in Seattle. When we did that, we thought, 'Oh, we made it.' We kind of still operate the same way. We're not overly jaded. We never lost sight of the fact that we're fortunate to do this."

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