Four-Color Revolution

Protest that got your hands dirty

"You'd almost think there was some type of secondary explosion."

"Ugh! Oh! I mean that's . . . that's . . . that's . . . "

"That would . . . that would . . . that would . . . And you have to wonder how that . . ."

The Chicago Seed (1969)
Courtesy University of Chicago Press
The Chicago Seed (1969)


Power to the People
Edited by Geoff Kaplan
University of Chicago Press
264 pp., $45

Seven American Deaths and Disasters
By Kenneth Goldsmith
Powerhouse Books, 176 pp., $19.95

"Let's just think about this logically."

"There is no logic."

"Oh my God!"

Add in the horror of the Columbine shootings and Michael Jackson's pathetic demise and you realize that, through his keen ear, Goldsmith has discovered something roiling the hearts of those left behind: sorrow, bewilderment, maybe survivor's guilt, and relief that, for now, your own bullet has been dodged.

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