Fall Arts Guide: The Return of the Real

Philip-Lorca diCorcia on turning the ultimate photographic trick

DiCorcia remains nothing if not ferociously honest, even conflicted, on the subject of artistic success. "Until 'Hustlers' I didn't have a gallery, I didn't sell anything," he says. "There were a few Europeans who bought my work, but they never paid me. I used to angrily tell people, 'I'm not in the art business.' I wanted them to understand that I take pictures for a reason that has nothing to do with money or the art world. I do it because it's one of the few things that validates my existence."

Gerald Hughes, aka Savage Fantasy, $50
Gerald Hughes, aka Savage Fantasy, $50

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David Zwirner Gallery

519 W. 19th St.
New York, NY 10011

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Chelsea


Philip-Lorca diCorcia: 'Hustlers'
David Zwirner Gallery
519 West 19th Street
212-727-2070, davidzwirner.comSeptember 12–October 26

When asked how he views his 20-year-old pictures today, diCorcia answers that he wishes they were more sophisticated. "They seem simple to me, almost too simple," he sighs. "But, anyway, this is the anniversary of 'Hustlers.' We might as well get it over with."

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