Most upsetting of all are the jurors we meet who helped make McInerney's case a mistrial. The defense team, fighting to keep a kid from spending the rest of his life in jail, decided to present King as the bully, an outré queen flouting local norms and humiliating McInerney until McInerney could take no more. “[Brandon] was solving a problem,” one juror says, to sympathetic nods from her cohort. It's rare, even in good documentaries, to see a moment as nakedly human as that. This is a movie that crowds everything else from your brain, and scenes like that one replayed in my mind for days.

We also hear sympathy for King, of course. LGBT kids at the school praise his smile, his laughter, his courage for being out in a place like Oxnard. And TV clips from the other Larry King and that likable Ellen DeGeneres remind us that things are (too slowly) getting better for King's peers. I hope the parents in places like Oxnard watched those shows or this film, which presents them not as villains or monsters but as somewhat small-minded folks who can find it in themselves to feel a twinge of sympathy for a kid like King but great empathy for one like McInerney, one who hated the same thing they do: having to share this life with people certain of different truths.

One Other Weird Thing: This doc was co-produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, perhaps as bit of Purell for the soul after having so soiled themselves with all those seasons of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Brandon McInerney, who killed classmate Lawrence "Larry" King.
Brandon McInerney, who killed classmate Lawrence "Larry" King.


Valentine Road
Directed by Marta Cunningham
HBO Documentaries
Airs October 7 on HBO
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Just saw it. Def one of the saddest things I've ever seen. There were jurors literally in support of Brandon who not only shot and killed Larry for being different but watched as he bled out for twenty minutes in this premeditated crime! The level of intolerance is so abundantly clear when former jurors become the supporters of the shooter! WOW. I literally cannot get over that not only was this kid given 21 years in jail without parole that there were many people who considered it TOO LONG A SENTENCE. Larry (the victim) has not had ONE FULL DAY of LIFE since he was brutally shot at point-blank range. Where is the sympathy for HIS LIFE? Is a child not a child? This is the first example I've ever seen of a victim of a hate crime being blamed for his death. It would be interesting to see this play out had it been a black child who shot and killed a white child in the same exact circumstance. I'm sure those same Brandon supporters would say the black child was GUILTY. This film shows we have gotten just about nowhere in the fight for equality. When people support a white separatist student (with good grades which seems to excuse everything) who murderas a fellow cross-dressing student, and is considered "solving a problem" which was not handled by the faculty. I mean "save Brandon" tattoos?!! Shame on Brandon and his supporters. My condolences to Larry's loved ones.

Charles Bogdan
Charles Bogdan

I have too say I have not seen This Doc but I think there were alot of Mistakes Made Here . I personally know of a Dad who is Raising a Kid who wants to wear Girls clothes too Grade school 8th Grade, Thank god for His Sake There is a Dress code and It does not let Girls Or Guys to wear High Heels to Catholic School.And I can tell you from my past if I told one of the guys I liked on Valentines Day I loved him In front of the school I would have gotten a Beat down. Have things really changed Yes But u can't provke someone , But you can not kill either. I blame the school, they could have stepped in Long Before...Its a shame all the way around both families have lost there children....


@Charles Bogdan well Brandon isn't LOST he's in JAIL where he belongs. And his family gets to see him unlike Larry who is dead. You can't "provoke someone"? There is NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER because of a bloody young boy's crush! Larry is DEAD. He didn't get a beat down. He got his head blown off while Brandon watched him suffer. This is a PURE hate crime. If this kid Brandon walked I guarantee he'd do it again. I am appalled by your comment. Watch the film before you make such a casual comment.  


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