Kill City

Abel Ferrara knows the drill

“There are those who kill violently!” the tagline to Abel Ferrara’s 1979 grindhouse flick proclaims, as though we were expecting something called The Driller Killer to portray a kinder, gentler breed of psychopath. The director starred in this gory New York classic set amid counter-cultural enclaves in a pre-yuppie-grocery-store–dominated Union Square. So what finally sets off the power-tool–toting maniac in question? Oh, you know, rent hikes, noisy neighbors, roommate troubles—the usual stuff. Ferrara, as a Travis Bickle-esque moral renegade always harping on about the “derelicts,” captures the Big Apple at its most rotten, but also at its most deliciously seedy. He appears in person for a Q&A after this special screening with trivia, prizes, drink specials, and music by DJ Bones.
Thu., Oct. 10, 9:30 p.m., 2013

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