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The myth has been dispelled: Television does not rot your brain. But—we’ll be the umpteenth to suggest—with episodes that are more like serialized chapters, all that premium post-Sopranos cable television has been such a success by taking a leaf out of the book of, well, the book. So it’s only fitting that a novelist walk us through it. Tonight, Lorrie Moore, best known for her short fiction collection Birds of America (Picador), hosts the now annual Robert B. Silvers lecture, “Watching Television.” She’ll discuss the rolling conversion from literature to stage to small screen, with a focus on TV narrative trends and the popularity of the form. Expect a highly personalized, highly passionate, characteristically pithy take on why Tony, Walt, Don, Stringer, and Tyrion do those things they do.
Fri., Oct. 25, 7 p.m., 2013
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