Most revealing — and most painful — is a long scene of Romney awkwardly engaging rural Iowans in a town-hall setting. The candidate gets asked about whether this is now a nation of "givers" and "takers," an amusing question in a state that's engorged-tick fat on ethanol subsidies. Romney responds with the same boilerplate that would ensure his loss in November: Too many Americans, he says, have forgotten John F. Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you . . ." bit. Instead, Romney says, they ask, "How much free stuff can you give me? How big a check will you give me? How many more benefits will you give me? When we have 47 percent of our people who pay no income tax — and there are some who would raise that number to an even higher level — I think at some point you question 'Can we survive that?'"

He goes on like that, to great audience approval, demonstrating the bitter reality of national Republican politics today: The things a candidate must say to get the nomination are exactly the things that guarantee that candidate doesn't win an election.

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Winston Churchill once said - the best argument against democracy is five minute conversation with the average voter.  If you have any doubts about that follow a candidate of any party around Iowa at caucus time.


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