Holiday Arts Guide: Inside Mullingar

Stage heavy Brían F. O'Byrne confronts a "slight" romantic comedy

As O'Byrne has yet to start rehearsal for Outside Mullingar, he doesn't yet know what discovery will unlock Anthony for him. He speaks of finding "a place of utter sincerity" and working "in an utterly unaffected, unassuming way." Suddenly he catches himself: "When I hear actors talking about fucking truth or any of that bullshit, I roll my eyes."

But, almost unwillingly, he returns to the idea of the simplicity and truthfulness Mullingar will require in order to portray the modest, wrenching power of seeing two people who have long denied love finally find it. "We're not looking at why relationships don't work out — the trauma, the abuse, the dark secrets," says O'Byrne. "We're actually just saying, 'It's OK to fall in love.'"

Outside Mullingar

O'Byrne: troubled characters a specialty
Andrew Eccles
O'Byrne: troubled characters a specialty


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