Talk about Conrad Pope's score. He has the unenviable task of trying to make something as mundane as the process of making little dots on a tapestry — he has to make that romantic.

Tim Jenison in Tim's Vermeer.
© 2013 - Sony Pictures Classics
Tim Jenison in Tim's Vermeer.

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Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

1886 Broadway
New York, NY 10023

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Region: West 60s


Tim's Vermeer
Directed by Teller
Sony Pictures Classics
Opens December 6

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Exactly. At one point, he gave us music that sounded a lot like making dots, that was saying, "This is a very repetitious process." And we said to him, "Actually, what we need in there is Tim's longing. We want to experience the meticulous, exhausting process of doing the painting with this glowing vision of Vermeer in the background at all times." That's what makes that sequence work. Actually, I specifically said to [Conrad] about the painting, "I'm going to say to you what Hitchcock said to Benny Herrmann on Psycho” — this is the driving sequence, where Marion Crane is just sitting in a car for a long time — “‘This is your job; you take care of that.’” And he did. [Conrad]'s a marvelous composer. We looked around a lot for somebody that would be able to capture the romance that underlies Tim's intentions. Because while it's scientific, the project's intent is romantic.

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