Talking (and Killing) Turkey with Ted Nugent

A Thanksgiving present from rock 'n' roll's most outspoken madman

Into his mouth, however, goes, along with Mr. Foot, Mr. Meat. And into the maws of the military as well. "Every year we kill so many deer with our bows and arrows, and antelope, and bear, and moose; just a wonderful hunting season every year," Nugent says. "We process and donate over a ton of venison jerky that goes directly to the United States military heroes in Afghanistan. If someone can come up with a better use of renewable protein than that, call 1-800 EAT ME."

Shoot 'em dead: Ted Nugent
James and Maryln Brown
Shoot 'em dead: Ted Nugent

Understood. Kill. Eat. Repeat. So, what if a Nugent guest wants Tofurky this holiday season? "Those that prefer a vegetarian diet, have a nice day. I'll make you a damn salad, no problem. In fact, salads are what my food eats," he chortles.

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It's always laughable how those who dislike Ted can't come up with logical or reasonable counter points to his statements and spew the draft dodger nonsense instead.

It's too bad Ted didn't go to Viet Nam. Perhaps he could have served in a platoon with Bruce Springsteen. Wait, I forgot....Springsteen was 4F after flunking his physical and told Rolling Stone magazine in 1984 "When I got on the bus to go take my physical, I thought one thing: I ain't goin'."

Funny how that's not a bone of contention for left wingers.


I'm Ted's brother - check it out! Live in NYC. Known him since he came out screaming in high C. I could write a book, actually am, about the real Ted Nugent. Complex dude I love very dearly but don't agree with him on everything. Draft dodger - excuse me!! I was an artillery officer in the Pentagon for five years working with CIA. No artillery allowed in the Pentagon. I served. Ask Bill Clinton, George Bush and others what they did to stay out of the war. I was there with Ted. He is no draft dodger. Had he gone in we could have won the goddamned war. JMN


Hey, Backbayak, here's what Nuge says about the draft: << I went down in 1969 or there abouts, and I did my physical, I got my draft card, and I was never called up, it's as simple as that. So I did not avoid the draft, but I didn't get called up. We weren't told about the Bhutan death march, we weren't told about the evil monsters, kings and tyrants and dictators and emperors, so in the absence of that kind of information we didn't volunteer. ... I [am] a gung ho American patriot and would be willing to lay [my] life on the line for freedom and for the American dream. But at the time of the Vietnam draft, I was clueless, I was ignorant, I did not enlist, and I was not called up in the draft, it's as simple as that. >>


I'm searching for something he was right about...........still searching..........still searching.......


Draft dodger. Say's it all.....


@backbayak  You are correct!  A coward shoots and destroys the ones that cannot shoot back!  that says it all, too.

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