"The environment on set was very intimate. Everybody respected and was affected by what Joaquin was doing," Jonze says. "When we'd cut, the set would stay quiet. That's really special."

Phoenix, of course, brushes off compliments. "As long as you're not visibly shaking in front of a camera, anyone could give a great performance with the right script and the right director." He saves his praise for the cast of the new Star Trek, a film he adores, calling their work "fucking brilliant."

He insists, "It's even more difficult to stand with a half-made, fake-ass fucking set with some weird fucking wig and say a bunch of technical dialogue and not have the benefit of people going, 'Well, this is important work so let's give it its space.' Everyone's going, 'C'mon, jerk-off! Let's do this!'"

Phoenix in Her. Read our Her movie review.
Phoenix in Her. Read our Her movie review.


Written and directed by Spike Jonez
Warner Bros.
Opens December 18

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Maybe he'll do a blockbuster like that someday. Maybe he won't. "I love comedies and I love action movies," he says. For now, he again feels like an actor who's confident about his options.

"I'm sure there were times when I went, 'Oh, fuck, it's going to be hard to do the movies that I want to do after this. Am I going to be battling this shit?'" Phoenix admits of his I'm Still Here experiment. He shrugs. "But you're always battling some shit that you fucking said, so it doesn't really make a difference."

To prove he's mended all possible fences, Phoenix's next film, The Immigrant, is by Two Lovers director James Gray, who has forgiven him for hijacking their last publicity tour. Did Gray make Hollywood's most unpredictable prankster pinkie-swear he won't pull that stunt again? "No, we didn't," Phoenix pledges, suddenly looking serious. "We didn't make jokes about that."

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Alicia Koledin
Alicia Koledin

I thought Mr. Phoenix was supposed to be a rap star now. Wasn't he done with acting?

Jennifer Timm
Jennifer Timm

Yeah; I didn't see it, but the Pacino film was a similiar premise.

Jennifer Timm
Jennifer Timm

When I looked at the photo qucikly, I thought it was Tom Selleck, lol.

What About New York
What About New York

sounds like a silly premise- Al Pacino did a film like this didn't he

Veronica Marquez
Veronica Marquez

I've always enjoyed his acting. I look forward to this film.

Thomas Gale Knoch
Thomas Gale Knoch

He's a great actor and I don't need to think he's a swell guy to know that.

Paul J Grobelny
Paul J Grobelny

Not so much. He's a tool. A flake. Liked him better when he said he was done with movies. His best movie was Gladiator where he played himself.


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