The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Glows with Life

Stiller's the best comedy director of his generation, hiding in plain sight

Like Mitty, Ben Stiller dreams big. The problem is audiences don't let him. We have a problem dividing Stiller the Actor -- the paycheck-cashing doofus of Night at the Museum -- from Stiller the Director, whose last film scored Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination. (For a summer comedy!)

Critics' Pick Critics' Pick
Adam Scott
Adam Scott


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Directed by Ben Stiller
20th Century Fox
Opens December 25

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Stiller's in his own Mitty-esque nightmare: While his character dreams of being in Tugg Speedman's hits, he's suffering through Tugg Speedman's failures, making earnest flicks like the "full retard" Simple Jack and getting mocked for being sentimental. He's both famous and forgotten, the best comedy director of his generation hiding in plain sight. As Penn advises him in a manly mano-y-mano, "Beautiful things don't ask for attention." True. But it's time we applaud Ben Stiller anyway.

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