The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Glows with Life

Stiller's the best comedy director of his generation, hiding in plain sight

Like Mitty, Ben Stiller dreams big. The problem is audiences don't let him. We have a problem dividing Stiller the Actor -- the paycheck-cashing doofus of Night at the Museum -- from Stiller the Director, whose last film scored Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination. (For a summer comedy!)

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Adam Scott
Adam Scott


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Directed by Ben Stiller
20th Century Fox
Opens December 25

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Stiller's in his own Mitty-esque nightmare: While his character dreams of being in Tugg Speedman's hits, he's suffering through Tugg Speedman's failures, making earnest flicks like the "full retard" Simple Jack and getting mocked for being sentimental. He's both famous and forgotten, the best comedy director of his generation hiding in plain sight. As Penn advises him in a manly mano-y-mano, "Beautiful things don't ask for attention." True. But it's time we applaud Ben Stiller anyway.

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Great movie. Don't wait for it on DVD. This one has to be seen on a really big screen. Funny movie.

The great cinematography throughout kept your eyes glued to the screen.

Movie reminded me of the lyrics to Loudon Wainwright's Last Man On Earth.

"The best things are the worthless now

That's just because they're free

This thing we call existence

Who knows what it all means?

Time and Life and People

Are just glossy magazines"


@villagevoice No it doesn't. Ben Stiller doesn't have enough talent to fart and the screenplay is amateur night.

Richie Vela
Richie Vela

Sorry but not wanting to see a comedy...

Sakae Manning
Sakae Manning

I want to see this and will this holiday week-end; however, we're seeing Wolf of Wall Street tonight. Our list is long, but we saw Nebraska last night. Those darn Derns! They sure can act.

Ruth Bronstein
Ruth Bronstein

Rather brutal, but then again...the truth is the truth. Ben Stiller is about as untalented as they come. Like the old saying goes, if it's a remake of a classic...see the classic.

David Gardner
David Gardner

Yeah, if his parents weren't stage royalty, he'd be doing dinner theatre in some little town in the midwest. "Walter Mitty" was one of the best things Thurber ever wrote, and the original movie wasn't too bad. Danny Kaye was a tremendously talented and versatile performer. Sad that this one features this loser...

George Banks
George Banks

That guy is a fucking twat. His Dad is funny though


I think Ben's got talent---see Permanent Midnight.  Other than that, from what I've seen of the trailer of the Mitty film, the remake looks like a lot of fluffy fantasy sentimentality designed for easy commercial digestion. 


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