I need the entire world to take part in this movement the old-fashioned way: by shouting out windows, screaming at the top of their lungs. Because what is happening in New York is happening all over the world.

Joseph Keckler

Musician and performance artist

I'm on a kick to turn down music in restaurants and bars so we can liberate conversation and stop paying to be tortured. They crank it up because they think people buy more drinks when the music is loud. It's true, people do buy more drinks — in a desperate attempt to ameliorate the distress they feel at not being able to communicate with the human in front of them! How many times must you find yourself inches from some possibly great mind of your — or any — generation who has been reduced to monosyllables, grotesque gesticulations, and facial contortions that convey all the nuance of an emoticon? The NYPD should immediately halt all other programs to focus solely on the issue of café volume control so that intellectual hubs may again spring forth in our great city. I can't wait to watch some toughie in an overcoat bursting into a bistro and flashing a badge that says "shhh." End the violence! Lest anyone think I'm showing signs of early-onset curmudgeonliness, I want to state that I do hope to see more unregulated gyration, orgies, and graffiti this year. Even in combo.

All photos (excluding Andrew W.K.) by Dominic Perri
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