Off the Grid

Uncovering a talking cigar factory, flowing kegs, and William Shatner in a whirlwind week

Scenes from El Año en Que Nací.
David Alarcón
Scenes from El Año en Que Nací.

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Public Theater

425 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10003

Category: Theaters

Region: Greenwich Village


Under the Radar Festival 2014
The Public Theater and other venues
COIL Festival
Presented by PS 122 at various venues

It was a boon to attend Catch 60, the COIL-sponsored 10th anniversary evening of the performance series. (Watch for future nights.) Outside the multilevel Invisible Dog, throngs waited in hopes of cancellations; inside, short performances from an arsenal of downtown talent sprawled across two packed floors (simultaneously) with kegs flowing. (The evening could have been retitled "Upstairs/Downstairs.") The producers with clipboards and badges had vanished, but the downtown theater world was there, presenting short segments from works in progress. It was a good reminder that even in a month brimming with new works, the best is always to come.

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