Should I Stay or Should I Go?


New York City's own Andrew W.K. takes your problems and sets you safely down the path to a solution, a purpose or — no surprise here — a party. Need his help? Send your questions to

Dear Andrew W.K.,

Thank you for spreading your message of positive partying. I am ready for a move in my career and know that I will not be able to go any higher at my current company. If I were to follow my passion, it would mean leaving my current city, but I am in love with where I am living and with my friends and family here. I'm worried that if I do follow my passion for my career, I might end up very unhappy being so far away from the life I've built, but I also know that if I stay, a big part of me will never be satisfied. I feel like my heart is equally invested in both sides of this dilemma. In your infinite party wisdom, what would you suggest I do? Follow my dreams and leave town, or stay close to my friends in a job that is not good for me?

The Virginity Taker

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