In January 2012, security officers had confronted Farmer, free at the time, and her brother as they were attempting to purchase about $10,000 worth of handbags from a Nordstrom in Paramus, New Jersey, using other people's charge accounts, prosecutors allege. While she was detained in Brooklyn pending a trial, federal prosecutors uncovered email evidence that she had forged a judge's signature on a fake subpoena seeking credit reports for 37 people.

The emails indicated she'd done it as a favor for a friend.

Before her sentence was handed down this week, Louis Fasulo, the New York–based attorney who heads up Farmer's legal team, told the Voice, "No matter what sentence Dee receives, he has already received a life sentence in a way. Even though the price Dee paid has mentally and physically scarred him in a way he might never escape, his perseverance and bravery has improved conditions for thousands. In a way, the anniversary of this case is more of a day of mourning and remembrance than celebration."

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How can you know when a con-man (and I do mean man) is telling the truth or not?  Just like the little boy who cried wolf, this guy is responsible for any lack of sympathy or help regarding his complaints.

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