Artist Ben Eine Reveals How His Font Fixation Evolved From His Roots as a Rebel Tagger

Street artist Ben Eine reveals how his font fixation evolved from his roots as a rebel tagger

"Somebody from Downing Street thought Obama had a slight interest in street art and graffiti," Eine says. "Banksy wasn't available, so they started looking at me. I get quite a few good jobs because Bansky refuses to do them."

Calling Banksy's monthlong New York residency in October "an impossible act to follow," Eine says he has no desire to play cat and mouse with the NYPD and have vandals deface his work. But amid a digression about San Francisco taggers ruining some of his recent work, he laughs at himself for sounding like a grumpy old man cursing "those pesky little kids."

Rhymes withwine: Ben Eine's London studio
Photographs courtesy the artist
Rhymes withwine: Ben Eine's London studio

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Ben Eine: 'Heartfelt'
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Says Eine: "Street art isn't made to last. I was young once, and I painted over plenty of pieces. Almost everything I ever painted on the street has been cleaned off at some point. But, hey, at least it's not being carved out of a wall and sold in Miami for $1 million. I'd rather it get painted over than have that happen."

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