Again, choices. I did interview some of the folks you mentioned, but in the end, things have to get cut, [and those interviews] didn't propel the story forward. It's the nature of filmmaking. Luckily, we are planning on making modules and using other footage that didn't make it into the film for specific education and outreach goals.

Have any of the anti-gay-marriage people in the film been in touch with you since the film's completion? Have they seen it?

I tried to set up a meeting with Pastor McCoy when we premiered at AFI Docs in June of last year. He was open to it, but then I couldn't reach him. I look forward to sharing the film with him and hearing his reaction.

Yoruba Richen
Yoruba Richen

Location Info


Film Forum

209 W. Houston St.
New York, NY 10014

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Greenwich Village


The New Black
Directed by Yoruba Richen
Opens February 14, Film Forum

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There's a subplot in the film about a young lesbian coming out to her foster mother that is incredibly poignant. How did you decide to emphasize that?

It was a beautiful personal moment that I thought was important to understanding Karess, one of the main characters in the film. It also showed how this young activist, who was dedicating her life to campaigning for the marriage equality bill, is grappling with the issue in her own family. I'm a big believer that the political is personal. I tried to show that throughout the film.

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