The Weed Issue: Like, a Village Voice Special Report, Man

In this week's Village Voice, we look at marijuana in New York City and the state through four stories, just in time for that unofficial marijuana holiday, April 20, or 420.

First, we examine New York state's seeming war on weed, which continues despite promises from governor Andrew Cuomo that medical marijuana will be introduced for patients that need it.

We profile one of New York City's many marijuana delivery agents, who takes us through his routine day -- which yes, may include him playing video games with you at your apartment.

We also explore the changing opinions of marijuana in country music, where pro-pot hits show Red America's bluntness about blunts.

Finally, we look at the science behind the fact that some food just sounds better -- and perhaps even tastes better -- when you're high.

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John Hayes
John Hayes

Maybe stoners should change their number bad irony and serendipity

Drew Marks
Drew Marks

The headline is bigoted, stereotypical crap, and does not bring anything useful to a serious discussion about weed, or those who benefit greatly from use. Whoever wrote that headline, and to the editor who approved it... let me ask you something... journalism much? I would guess not, unless maybe you two are 14 year old boys. Village Voice, you should be embarrassed by that headline.