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"Jerry Lewis: The Completed Retrospective"
Anthology Film Archives
May 23–25

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One More Time is intermittently enjoyable for lots of reasons, not least of which is Davis's parade of amazing, groovy threads. (He never met a brocade Nehru jacket he didn't like, which is just one of the many reasons to love him.) The movie also often lets him show off his singing and dancing chops, and one of these moments is strangely poignant: Believing his best friend to be dead, Charlie lopes his way down the long, winding staircase of a British castle, crooning the kind of ballad you'd sing for a lost lover. You could paste readings of vague or outright homoeroticism on this sequence, but that would be a simplification. The scene is notable in the context of what it might have meant to Lewis personally, even some 15 years after losing the friendship of Martin, the man he has always referred to as "my partner." Lewis and Martin did reconcile, tentatively, toward the end of Martin's life (he died in 1995). Regardless of sexual orientation, friendships between men are delicate things, and Davis's ballad in One More Time touches on some of the things that men who love each other can never bring themselves to say. Sure, love hurts. But not nearly as much as comedy.

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