Jeff Koons Clowns Around the Whitney

Jeff Koons' monuments to vapidity are now on display at the Whitney.

Like high-fructose corn syrup, Koons's influence is so ubiquitous that railing against it can feel futile. Perhaps it's best to cue the artist himself and consider momentarily what he told Carl Swanson of New York magazine last year: "Removing judgment lets you feel, of course, freer, and you have acceptance of things, and everything's in play, and it lets you go further."

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Whitney Museum Of American Art

945 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10021

Category: Museums

Region: East 80s


"Jeff Koons: A Retrospective"
Whitney Museum Of American Art
945 Madison Ave.
Through October 19

Those are the words of a quack doctor, a blow-dried evangelist, a Home Shopping Network pitchman. In clown speak, Koons's art is all whoopee cushion. Maybe for his next trick he'll blow that up and cast it in bronze.

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