The Showers package, which incorporates video and still photographs, will serve as the first release on Septic World International, the band's new label. When longtime Yellow Tears home base Hospital Productions was unable to release the album for scheduling reasons, "it totally made sense to take it into our own hands," Woodhall says. In a way, the move is a natural progression for three tight bros on the verge of their 10th anniversary as a band.

Yellow Tears formed on Long Island in summer 2005, when the three bonded over a mutual affection for Swans, Whitehouse, and Wolf Eyes; Ludovico and Nissan had been high school classmates, and hooked up with Woodhall via the local music scene.

"We initially conceived [Yellow Tears] to be as extreme as it is right now," Woodhall remembers. "We were interested in creating songs or pieces, not jams, small shifts that would be our songs."

While Woodhall and Nissan brought prior musical experience to the table, Ludovico, who worked as a roadie for a band Nissan played in, took on a more improvisatory role. "I'm like a band muse or mascot, the front man or the host, a comical aspect — I bring humor," Ludovico says. "It's kind of natural for me to engage a crowd."

The lengthy wait for Showers is owed in part to the members' careers — Ludovico is a special needs teacher's aide at a high school, Woodhall engineers web content for various companies, and Nissan performs music enrichment classes for young children — but the album is stronger for it, and a testament to the band's bond.

"I think one of the things that's kept us unique is our friendship and how that influences the music, that circle of trust," Nissan says. "We're always trying to do something that we're slightly uncomfortable doing, so trust is important. We've allowed our friendship to shape the music. It comes so much from hanging out."

"The subject matter stems from shared interests and conversations we have," Woodhall adds. "We come up with really wild ideas, and we have to have that trust and intuition that they will work out."

Yellow Tears play a record-release show for Golden Showers May Bring Flowers on Saturday, July 5, at the Red Light District.

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