Porn-Com The Final Flesh Is Weird Enough to Make You Wish It Was Better

Porn-Com <i>The Final Flesh</i> Is Weird Enough to Make You Wish It Was Better

If you want to test your patience and see something truly bizarre, head to Williamsburg's Spectacle Theater for the pornographic, postapocalyptic comedy The Final Flesh. Both inane and mesmeric, The Final Flesh was scripted by Emmy-nominated comedy writer Vernon Chatman (of the acidhead kid's show parody Wonder Showzen) and produced by four different made-on-demand porn companies.

Twelve actors, none of whom look alike, play the Pollards, a family of three plagued by nonsensical religious visions after an Atom bomb explodes. For the most part, this demented mystery play isn't easy to stomach, feeling like a series of sub-dada sketches for postadolescent Adult Swim fans.

The Pollards talk to God through notes slipped under their front door whenever they're not reading the Koran on the toilet or giving birth to raw meat. Benignly surreal Bob Clampett — style sight gags, like when a sleeping Mr. Pollard pulls a knife on his wife and threatens her for insisting that he's a sleeptalker, relieve the tedium.

Location Info


Spectacle Theater

124 S. 3rd St.
New York, NY 11211

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Brooklyn


Directed by Vernon Chatman
Opens Aug. 21, Spectacle

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But more often than not, Chatman only succeeds at alienating viewers with uninspired sight gags, like when one Pollard shits her brain (i.e., ramen noodles) out, or another showers in a Mason jar marked "Tears of Neglected Children." These jokes make it hard not to sympathize with the film's schlubby-looking cast whenever they look off-camera for guidance.

The Final Flesh is weird enough to make you wish it were better.

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Yeah, I finally got to catch this at Spectacle Theater for their Best of 2014 the other day.  If you like ridiculous absurd things, then this is the movie for you.  The dialogue is weird, insane, and nonsensical, the acting is terrible and awkward and funny, and I laughed more during this movie than I would at most Hollywood comedies.  Of course, if you like Hollywood comedies you should probably not see this, I am pretty sure this would appeal to a very small select crowd.  To me this is what The Room should have been, or could have been, if it had been truly funny, rather than just mediocre.  


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