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Founded by Dan Wolf, Ed Fancher, and Norman Mailer in 1955, the Village Voice introduced free-form, high-spirited and passionate journalism into the public discourse. As the nation's first and largest alternative newsweekly, the Voice carries on the same tradition of no-holds-barred reporting and criticism it embraced when it began publishing nearly 60 years ago.

The recipient of three Pulitzer prizes, the National Press Foundation Award, and the George Polk Award, the Voice remains a vigilant investigative watchdog and a go-to source for coverage of New York's vast cultural landscape. The Voice's unique mix of in-depth news writing and reporting, incisive arts, culture, music, dance, film, and theater reviews, daily web dispatches, and comprehensive entertainment listings provides readers with an indispensable perspective on the inner workings of the world's most vibrant city.

The Voice's daily-updated Web site www.villagevoice.com has twice been recognized as one of the nation's premier online sites for journalistic quality and local content. The site is a past winner of both the National Press Foundation's Online Journalism Award and the Editor and Publisher Eppy Award for Best Overall U.S. Weekly Newspaper Online.

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Mark Your Calendars -- We're Moving!

In August 2013, the Voice will be moving to beautiful new offices at 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 2105, New York, NY 10038. We’ll still be at 36 Cooper Square till then. Watch this space for updates on the specific timing of our move to Lower Manhattan.