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  • Bar-tini Ultra Lounge

    In addition to having a funny name, Bar-Tini Ultra Lounge looks like it’s from the future, if the future has mostly-white, trendy looking décor. But there’s more: there’s an annual Bar-Tini’s Got Talent show that takes place starting in early August, plus weekly... More >>

  • Barracuda

    A perennial contender for NYC’s Best Gay Bar, Barracuda is an unpretentious dive, low key and quiet enough for an actual conversation instead of thumping club music, except for the weekends and late night, when it can get packed. The décor is traditional enough, with low lights and... More >>

  • Barrage

    Barrage is an upscale gay bar located in Hell’s Kitchen.  It’s much more of a post-work Happy Hour stop than an after hours dance club, although of course it stays open late.  It’s stylish without being overly trendy or pretentious; ample seating for a place its size,... More >>

  • Brandy's Piano Bar

    A legendary late-night spot on the Upper East Side, Brandy’s Piano Bar is a throwback to a different era.  It is, as the name says, a small piano where a variety of performers play old show-tunes and classics. The happy hour is a great deal but it also stays open late, until 3 am... More >>

  • Cabaret Gentlemens Club

    Although this upscale club, just steps from Gramercy Park, is called Cabaret, don’t go expecting anything as modest as Liza Minelli. That said, for a gentlemens club Cabaret is decidedly high brow. Besides their array of dancers, Cabaret boasts seven champagne rooms, tableside bottle... More >>

  • Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club and Restaurant

    For those bored with eating their food off of tables, or simply interested in making like a Yakuza crime boss, Cheetahs offers sushi served on the belly of a naked woman. This is nothing compared to the decadence available at nearby Pop Tarts World, but it is quite an unusual thrill. They even... More >>

  • Eastern Bloc

    Eastern Bloc is a small gay bar in the East Village. Despite its size, Eastern Bloc has a great reputation for its dance parties and unpretentious, kitschy feel. It’s a bit of a dive, not much flash or glamour, which will work in its favor for some, against it for others. Weekly them... More >>

  • G Lounge

    The G Lounge bills itself as Chelsea’s premier gay lounge and this seems mostly true. The G manages to combine a neighborhood bar vibe with a low-key club one, a place where you can go to have actual conversations as well as dance and ogle the Go Go Boys. Famous for its Frozen... More >>

  • Gallagher's 2000

    It’s Queens, sure, but only barely, and one stop across the river means more space and less cost than what you might pay for a comparable experience in Midtown East. The cover charge is usually $10 or less, and the cost for a beer is in the single digits—an impossibility in Manhattan... More >>

  • Henrietta Hudson

    Henrietta Hudson is one of the West Village’s oldest lesbian bars. It welcomes people of any culture, age and gender, plus tourists! But please, no hats or any other headgear unless it’s classy. Dress aside, HH is a small but charming place, with moderately priced drinks. Weekly... More >>

  • Hunkamania

    Prepare for man thongs! Hunkamania is one of Manhattan’s largest female-oriented clubs, and that means they offer beefcake by the pound. But the days of Chippendales are long gone—these men are more in the Abercrombie mold, and the emphasis is on fun, acrobatic routines more than... More >>

  • Lace 2

    There is nothing but dancing at Lace. It’s 8th Avenue location is tiny, with no space for the frills that most Midtown clubs obsess over, and that lets the proprietors focus on what’s important—the floor show. What they lack in size they make up for in what they advertise as... More >>

  • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

    The Hustler Club New York brings Larry Flynt’s demanding standards to Hell’s Kitchen. Normal strip club trappings apply, including: VIP Suites, private dance areas, bottle service, steep cover charges (except on Sunday, when there is no cover). The club also has what its website... More >>

  • Lips Restaurant

    Why wait in line for brunch at any old spot when you can eat while watching Sister Mary “Ginger Snaps” perform her Gospel Brunch drag-nun musical spectacular at Lips NYC, the “Ultimate in Drag dining?” And if you can’t make it out for Gospel Brunch, there’s... More >>

  • Marie's Crisis

    A West Village favorite, Marie’s Crisis is a small, often crowded piano bar that specializes in old classics and show tunes. By all accounts, drinks are cheap and strong, often resulting in late night sing-a-longs with the performers. It’s not the place to go if you’re... More >>

  • New York Dolls

    Run by the same company who owns Flashdancers, this cozy little spot has less touristy appeal than its uptown sister. New York Dolls is one of the smallest clubs in the city, and its narrow confines lend it an intimate air. Combine that with a little low lighting and a lot of Guns & Roses,... More >>

  • Penthouse Executive Club

    Most strip clubs call themselves “classy.” The Penthouse Executive Club actually is. The light is low; the dancers are pros, drawn from all over the country, and the steaks are as much of a draw as the women. (Frank Bruni sampled the meats a few years ago; he called them “some... More >>

  • Posh Bar & Lounge

    Posh Bar and Lounge is the only place in Hell’s Kitchen to see/participate in Tranimal, a weekly drag competition held every Tuesday and hosted by Tina Burner, who once claimed that she got gonorrhea from sitting in Santa’s Lap. There are other weekly events at Posh, such as: Hot... More >>

  • Private Eyes

    Nestled in the heart of scenic Hell’s Kitchen, Private Eyes is a small club with big dreams. Well, not really. But the cozy, two-pole inside lounge is a nice change from the mega-clubs that dot Times Square and Midtown West, and the $15 cover is, for the neighborhood, not a bad deal. Add... More >>

  • Pumps Bar

    It had to happen, didn’t it? Williamsburg has bowling alleys, ferry service and a movie theater on the way. Why not a topless bar? Thankfully, there’s nothing ironic about the nudity at Pumps, since hipster boys like naked women just as much as anybody else. The dancers are geared... More >>

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    Everyone from Jersey folk to Village kids to uptown city kids get down... More >>

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