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  • Bar-tini Ultra Lounge

    In addition to having a funny name, Bar-Tini Ultra Lounge looks like it’s from the future, if the future has mostly-white, trendy looking décor. But there’s more: there’s an annual Bar-Tini’s Got Talent show that takes place starting in early August, plus weekly... More >>

  • Barracuda

    A perennial contender for NYC’s Best Gay Bar, Barracuda is an unpretentious dive, low key and quiet enough for an actual conversation instead of thumping club music, except for the weekends and late night, when it can get packed. The décor is traditional enough, with low lights and... More >>

  • Barrage

    Barrage is an upscale gay bar located in Hell’s Kitchen.  It’s much more of a post-work Happy Hour stop than an after hours dance club, although of course it stays open late.  It’s stylish without being overly trendy or pretentious; ample seating for a place its size,... More >>

  • Brandy's Piano Bar

    A legendary late-night spot on the Upper East Side, Brandy’s Piano Bar is a throwback to a different era.  It is, as the name says, a small piano where a variety of performers play old show-tunes and classics. The happy hour is a great deal but it also stays open late, until 3 am... More >>

  • Eastern Bloc

    Eastern Bloc is a small gay bar in the East Village. Despite its size, Eastern Bloc has a great reputation for its dance parties and unpretentious, kitschy feel. It’s a bit of a dive, not much flash or glamour, which will work in its favor for some, against it for others. Weekly them... More >>

  • G Lounge

    The G Lounge bills itself as Chelsea’s premier gay lounge and this seems mostly true. The G manages to combine a neighborhood bar vibe with a low-key club one, a place where you can go to have actual conversations as well as dance and ogle the Go Go Boys. Famous for its Frozen... More >>

  • Marie's Crisis

    A West Village favorite, Marie’s Crisis is a small, often crowded piano bar that specializes in old classics and show tunes. By all accounts, drinks are cheap and strong, often resulting in late night sing-a-longs with the performers. It’s not the place to go if you’re... More >>

  • Pyramid Club

    The Pyramid Club is a legendary East Village dance hall with a themed dance party each night. From INXS dance parties to Michael Jackson Tribute Night to Industrial/Electroclash to the generic but fun 80s Dance Night, there’s probably something for everyone, providing they’re at... More >>

  • Secret Lounge

    A Chelsea gay bar with an old fashioned, almost Victorian vibe, the Secret Lounge is a more relaxed, conversation-friendly option for Chelsea club goers. There is music each night, as well as weekly specials, including Seduction on Saturdays, which promises “Sexy Dancers” and... More >>

  • The Cock

    A notorious East Village gay bar, The Cock is the sort of place you should check out at least once,  even if sleazy bars filled with Go Go Boys isn’t your cup of tea. Despite the usual ten-dollar cover, there’s always a crowd and plenty of cheap drinks. Apparently, it used to be... More >>

  • The Urge

    The Urge Lounge is an East Village gay bar that is a bit of a dive.  But they do have Go Go dancers in Army boots every night at 11 pm, decently priced drinks (including two-for-one happy hour daily from 3pm – 9pm) and no cover. That said, some find it too sketchy and lube-smelly for... More >>

  • Ty's Bar

    A casual gay bar, Ty’s Bar has been a West Village institution since 1972. With a self-described “bearish” crowd, Ty’s is a low-key establishment where jeans, baseball caps and t-shirts are the norm.  They host a Fireman’s Night the second Tuesday of each... More >>

  • Xes Lounge

    XES Lounge is a gay bar in Chelsea known for its karaoke and outdoor patio, although its slogan adds, “No attitude, hot bartenders & strong drinks” to the list. The patio is only available in warmer months, but it’s a nice touch, not to mention large enough for non-smokers... More >>

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    Everyone from Jersey folk to Village kids to uptown city kids get down... More >>

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