Eastern Bloc

505 E. 6th St.New York, NY 10009 | 212-777-2555
V, MC, AE, DIS, Debit
Daily 7pm-4am

Eastern Bloc Eastern Bloc is a small gay bar in the East Village. Despite its size, Eastern Bloc has a great reputation for its dance parties and unpretentious, kitschy feel. It’s a bit of a dive, not much flash or glamour, which will work in its favor for some, against it for others. Weekly them nights include: Blococholic on Saturdays (“Proletarians, hairdressers, prostitutes, bearded ladies of the world unite.”), Bloc Party on Fridays (“Start your weekend off drunk.”), Atomic Karaoke on Mondays and Contact on Thursdays (featuring a genre of music called “Boner Jams”). Cash only.


Eastern Bloc

505 E. 6th St.
New York, NY 10009


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