A Selection of Recent Books on Same-Sex Marriage

Blessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage
By Mark D.
University Of Chicago Press, 2005

The Complete Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings
By K.C. David
St. Martin's Griffin/Thomas Dunne, 2005

The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Weddings
By Tess Ayers And Paul Brown
Alyson, 1999


The Queer Issue:

  • The Irresistible Banality of Same-Sex Marriage
    by Kenji Yoshino

  • Diff'rent Strokes
    Mixed-race loving in the gay community turns the rainbow into a reality
    by Brad Sears
    Plus: How to Date a Whiteboy
    by James Hannaham

  • 'L' Is for 'Look Out, World'
    Longtime lesbian has whole life edited by very hot TV show
    Plus: The Interview: She Is 'The L Word'
    Talking with Ilene Chaiken, producer of the world's only lesbian soap opera
    by Laura Conaway

  • We Are Not OK
    Crystal meth marks a new crisis for the gay community—and an all too familiar underlying problem
    by Patrick Moore

  • Mix-And-Match Loving: Interracial Transgender Coupling
    by Elizabeth Cline

  • Parade Fatigue
    To march or not to march? That is the Gay Pride Day question.
    by Mike Albo

  • Lesbian AWOL
    Switching teams is OK every once in a while�unless you're totally hot
    by Marga Gomez
  • Gay and Lesbian Weddings: Planning the Perfect Same-Sex Ceremony
    By David Toussaint With Heather Leo
    Ballantine, 2004

    Upcoming Events

    Gay Marriage: Why it is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America
    By Jonathan Rauch
    Henry Holt, 2004

    I Do/I Don't: Queers on Marriage
    Edited By Greg Wharton And Ian Philips
    Suspect Thoughts Press, 2004

    Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution
    By Evan Gerstmann
    Cambridge University Press, 2003

    Same-Sex Marriage in the United States: Focus on the Facts
    By Sean Cahill
    Lexington, 2004

    Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry
    By Evan Wolfson
    Simon & Schuster, 2004

    Why Marriage? The History Shaping Today's Debate
    By George Chauncey
    Basic, 2004

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