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Gimme Fallout Shelter: Atomic is an Epic Meltdown of a Musical

A musical about the Manhattan Project? Bring on the dancing physicists and chorus girls in lab coats. Belt out those odes to fissure. Enrich our hearts with uranium! Atomic is… More >>

The Feather Channel: The Pigeoning Isn't Only for the Birds

If you think those people in The Birds had it bad, just wait till you meet Frank, the nebbishy hero of Robin Frohardt's puppet play The Pigeoning. Now running at… More >>

Behind the German Blitzkrieg of Pop Art

How is it that the nation that vilified the avant-garde in the first half of the 20th century somehow brought forth a band of artists that propelled vanguard art into… More >>

Rum Punch: The Qualification of Douglas Evans is a Boozy Doozy

The Qualification of Douglas Evans, a deeply compelling new play for the Amoralists by Derek Ahonen, looks at addiction without embellishment. It skips the pathos we're used to seeing in… More >>

Nicola Samori's Rereadings of Old Master Oils are a Revelation Nicola Samori's Rereadings of Old Master Oils are a Revelation

Gazing at Italian painter Nicola Samori's new work might bring to mind Auden's famous opening from "Musée des Beaux Arts": "About suffering, they were never wrong, the Old Masters." Think of… More >>

Performed in a Lounge, Play/Date Will Attempt to Set the Bar for Immersive Theater

At first glance, Fat Baby looks like any other Lower East Side bar on a weeknight. A woman waits for someone while texting impatiently. A guy on a stool engages… More >>

Jeff Koons Clowns Around the Whitney

The two-year-long drumroll for the Whitney Museum's Jeff Koons retrospective sounds like a nonstop whoopee cushion. The stuttering symphony has included clapper noises from various auction houses, the dueling bongos… More >>

The Muscles in Our Toes is Too Much of a Stretch

High school reunions can be bittersweet occasions. Old friends gather. They share photos and reminisce. And they decide how to bomb the FBI. In The Muscles in Our Toes, Stephen Belber's… More >>

Benjamin Scheuer's Solo Musical The Lion Hums Along

Which guitar would you play your life story on? The weather-beaten one in the corner? The shiny new number? The electric guitar that's ready to make some noise? If you were… More >>

The Other Mozart Feels Like Edutainment

Virginia Woolf famously speculated about how Judith Shakespeare — hypothetical gifted sister of William — might have carved out a literary space of her own. Woolf deployed eloquent metaphor to… More >>