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A Hilarious Ride Through the Inner Workings of a Small Town Arts Council in The Most Deserving

Sotheby's and Christie's may have cornered the real-world market for bitchiness and backstabbing in the name of art, but in The Most Deserving, Catherine Trieschmann's newest play, produced by Women's… More >>

Will Eno and Lorraine Hansberry Write Home in Two New Productions

Is New York theater suffering a housing crisis? How else to explain the glut of this season's plays (Fun Home, The Open House, A Doll's House, The Tribute Artist, The… More >>

Beautiful and Violent Art from the Civil Rights Movement at New Brooklyn Museum Show Witness

Something is terribly wrong with the sedan in this black-and-white photo: The doors gape open, glass is shattered, dark drips trail down the seat back. In 1965, civil rights activist… More >>

Rich Visual Schemes Undermine Dramatic Subtlety in The Threepenny Opera

The Threepenny Opera, now at Atlantic Theater, is no conventional, rough-hewn beggars' tale. For this staging, director Martha Clarke applies her sophisticated visual sensibilities to Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's… More >>

Free Verse: A New York Miscellany Free Verse: A New York Miscellany

Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously drew a line: "prose — words in their best order; poetry — the best words in their best order." Granted, Coleridge was a poet, not to… More >>

Refreshingly Pragmatic, If/Then is a Musical About the Choices of Its Middle-Aged Heroine

It's a beautiful day in Madison Square Park, and Elizabeth (Idina Menzel) is planning her afternoon. Will she accompany Lucas (Anthony Rapp) to a fair-housing demonstration or join Kate (LaChanze)… More >>

Brooklyn Hosts a Historic Othello, a Hazy Lear

Theater changes slowly. And then suddenly. You go on forever with your poetry and your choruses and your boy queens. Then Aeschylus adds a second actor or an Englishwoman steps… More >>

The Work Hitler Despised and the One from Above His Fireplace The Work Hitler Despised and the One from Above His Fireplace

While wandering amid works that were once included in the notorious "Entartete Kunst" ("Degenerate Art") exhibitions of the 1930s, you might wonder what pathology could have inspired the Nazis to… More >>

Heathers: The Musical Turns the Bleak Cult Film Into a Bubbly Treat

Heathers, the grandmother of pop teen classics from Clueless to Mean Girls to Pretty Little Liars, has sharper claws than its theatrical incarnation now playing at New World Stages. To… More >>

A Second Chance Makes a Forgettable First Impression

Love versus emotional baggage: It's the tried-and-true showdown at the heart of so much romantic comedy, and in the right combination, it can be a winning place to start. A… More >>