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I See England, I See France: Museum at FIT Shows Off Underpants

It is with naked astonishment that one encounters a lavender Hanky Panky thong in a museum exhibition. It is also, in fact, with some dismay that one spies the underwear one… More >>

It's Only Kickball, Stupid Isn't Either

It's Only Kickball, Stupid is the no-duh title of kef productions' latest play, but the themes of this piece set mostly on a playground — and perfectly timed to open… More >>

Robert Gober's Angsty Minimalism Hits MOMA in October

Coco Chanel may seem an unlikely muse for Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor, the first American retrospective of the New York-based artist, which opens at MOMA in… More >>

Choreographer Kyle Abraham Copes with Prosperity

You'd think that winning just about every big prize the American grant-making community offers would put to rest any financial anxiety plaguing choreographer Kyle Abraham. Close to a million dollars… More >>

Fall Picks: Art

If there's a trend this fall in the art world, it's the embrace of the unfamiliar. Sure, you can get your servings of comfort food via Matisse (MOMA, October 12),… More >>

Falls Picks: Books

Herman Melville, whose 195th birthday passed this August, is one of the few white American writers of the pre-civil rights era whose writing doesn't swoop into icky moments of surprise… More >>

Fall Picks: Dance

When you attend a dance performance, you sit and watch other people move. They warm up; you settle down. They bask in bright light; you find yourself in the dark,… More >>

Fall Picks: Theater

Could 2014 be the season when New York reinvigorates its classical theater at long last? There's plenty of red meat for those who like big names and revivals, starting with… More >>

Five Decades of James Lee Byars's "Perf" on Display at MoMA PS1 Five Decades of James Lee Byars's "Perf" on Display at MoMA PS1

James Lee Byars was an artist possessed of certain elegance. He dressed impeccably in silk or linen suits, velvet or gold lamé, often custom-made by a tailor who called himself… More >>

And I and Silence Strikes a Too-Familiar Chord

In a month when American race relations appear to have reached a historic low, the subject matter of Naomi Wallace's And I and Silence — an interracial love story with… More >>