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    Philip Roth, like God, has become notorious for his reluctance to appear. Although he has been the most hosannaed writer of the decade, he failed to show up to accept his National Book Award for Sabbath's Theater or his Pulitzer for American Pastor...

    by David Yaffe on May 25, 1999
  • Guns and Poses


    Guns and Poses

    Remember Andrew Cunanan? He was the nowhere guy who gunned down Gianni Versace on the steps of the designer's South Beach villa, sometime in the summer of 1997. (Gary Indiana would be the first to tell you that the exact dates don't matter.) A great ...

    by Jennifer Howard on May 25, 1999
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    The Escapist

    Somewhere in 1914 Albania, Giorgio, a destitute cabaret perfomer (his act: accompanying himself on a guitar strummed with his erect member), catches sight of a newspaper article. Harry Houdini has canceled a Paris show. Suddenly inspired, he collects...

    by Alexis Soloski on May 25, 1999
  • Beyond Normal - Exploring New Mother Tounges


    Beyond Normal - Exploring New Mother Tounges

    Bebe Miller's Going to the Wall lasts almost an hour. And I can imagine an edited version. Yet, like life, this dance has to work itself out. Intersections between the splendid dancers embody the merging of dialects spoken within any communitymale a...

    by Deborah Jowitt on May 18, 1999
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    Lucky Lindy

    It shouldn't be so hard to catch up with Frankie Manning. The man turns 85 this month, but like that damn battery bunny he just won't stop. First he's teaching in England, then in Hawaii. Finally I corner him in a changing room at Dance Space, where,...

    by Christopher Reardon on May 18, 1999
  • Wanting It


    Wanting It

    Sean Landers wants it bad, and he doesn't make any bones about it. Listen to him in Le Domaine Enchant AKA Monsieur Saucisson, a large portrait of a dapper gentleman who has a dick for a nose, a scrotum for a chin, and who stands atop a giant breast...

    by Jerry Saltz on May 18, 1999
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    In and Out

    In light of teenagers who skirt their school's exterior to avoid those inside, it's difficult to cruise the corridors of Argentinean Guillermo Kuitca's 1998 floor-plan paintings without wondering who grants whom the right of way. The paintings resemb...

    by Sue Spaid on May 18, 1999
  • Prison Prayers - Mabou Mines Summons the Ghosts of BelÚn


    Prison Prayers - Mabou Mines Summons the Ghosts of Beln

    A woman swishes a broom delicately across the floor, as if trying to blow away the accumulated dust of history. Soon, she begins to thwack it with an almost giddy force, slapping out a drum-brush beat that punctuates a strangely lilting plaint, sung ...

    by Alisa Solomon on May 18, 1999
  • The Elephant Woman


    The Elephant Woman

    While the nature-versus-nurture debate drones on in the background much like a TV turned up just loud enough to be pretend company, author Barbara Gowdy questions hownot iflife and family change people. She's a curious, mischievous, but ultimately ...

    by Natasha Stovall on May 18, 1999
  • Holy Daze


    Holy Daze

    Come the millennium, depending on your druthers, you may be enjoying a champagne toast atop the Eiffel Tower, copulating madly in front of Dick Clark on TV, or joining a prayerful throng of believers who expect to be vacuumed up into heaven. Perhaps ...

    by Albert Mobilio on May 18, 1999
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    Night Duty

    It is one of my favorite walks," the narrator of Melitta Breznik's haunting novel Night Duty reports, "from here on up to the cemetery on the hill." When an unnamed narrator in postwar Austrian fiction goes for a walk, thoughts of death are never f...

    by Benjamin Anastas on May 18, 1999
  • Playing It Again


    Playing It Again

    This year, there are no new Broadway musicals. The only thing on the 1999 Tony ballot that could arguably count as a new musical is Parade, a "serious" work, wan and misguided (albeit by gifted artists), produced in a nonprofit subscription theater l...

    by Michael Feingold on May 18, 1999
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    Rank Stranger

    A ferocious energy possesses writer-performer Stanya Kahn. Eyes flashing, mouth straining, feet skittering, she seems to move even when she's still and to speak even when she's silent. The muscle and might of her onstage presence greatly camouflage...

    by Alexis Soloski on May 18, 1999
  • Bullet Theory


    Bullet Theory

    Before I lock and load, let me state my bias. I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU and the NRA. I don't want the state in my uterus or my gun collection. Having guns controlled by the government is like having abortion rights regulated by men. As w...

    by Dr. Donna Gaines on May 11, 1999
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    The Ultimate Terrorists

    Weapons proliferation used to be welcome in official circles. The U.S. clung to its nuclear power, stockpiling it faster than anyone else. But with American weapons superiority now unquestioned, policy makers have a new worry: nuclear, chemical, and ...

    by Tom Gallagher on May 11, 1999
  • A Surfeit of Swans - Peter Martins Revamps a Classic


    A Surfeit of Swans - Peter Martins Revamps a Classic

    It's a miracle that the dowager Swan Lake has survived so many face-lifts since her debut in 1877. The old girl has great bones: Tchaikovsky's sumptuous music, sublime passages of choreography created by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov in the 1890s, a c...

    by Deborah Jowitt on May 11, 1999
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    Renewing R&J

    Choreographers can't stay away from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet score; new ballet versions of Shakespeare's tragic lovers appear with regularity. Mavens can bounce between two radically different versions this week: as ABT winds up its run of Kennet...

    by Susan Reiter on May 11, 1999
  • Harlem Days


    Harlem Days

    Misfits and losers: before a word is written, they're a drama unto themselves. She chafes against her surroundings and is rebuffed. Scorned, he picks up a pistol or jabs a needle in his arm. In Dael Orlandersmith's solo The Gimmick, a poor fat black ...

    by Francine Russo on May 11, 1999
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    Inside Job

    Museums are strange. They're dead, they're alive. They're graveyards, shrines, and storage rooms. Nothing much happens there on the face of it. Usually you go alone; mostly you're silent, almost invisiblealthough you never completely disappear. You ...

    by Jerry Saltz on May 11, 1999
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    School Daze

    For smug New Yorkers, the name New Jersey conjures up visions of urban blight, industrial wastelands, and placid suburbs. Who knew that, 40 years ago, New Brunswick was a hotbed of radical artistic activity? A show now at the Newark Museum resurrect...

    by Leslie Camhi on May 11, 1999
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