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    Last Call

    In Scott Organ's City (the Flea), five friends alternately nurse and exploit "the guy"a Buddha-bellied man one of them has accidentally hit with a truck. Though visibly uninjured, he lacks speech, affect, wallet, and name. Present in almost every sc...

    on April 27, 1999
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    War of the Wired

    In 1992, eight years after William Gibson published the first great cyberpunk novel, Neal Stephenson published the last one. Not much of an interval, really, as literary history goes, but as fin de millennium technological history goes, those eight y...

    by Julian Dibbell on April 27, 1999
  • International Male - John Jasperse Aces the Competition


    International Male - John Jasperse Aces the Competition

    At 35, John Jasperse may be the prodigal son of the American dance family. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College and performing with Lisa Kraus for two years, he left for Brussels in 1988 to dance with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Rosas, commu...

    by Jessica Guarnaschelli on April 27, 1999
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    Bringing War Home - Chuma on the Beach

    Yoshiko Chuma's working life is an international conspiracy. Many of her grants and commissions involve cultural exchange; she depends on the overseas market for teaching and performing. In 1996, her performances in Japan outnumbered those in Americ...

    by Deborah Jowitt on April 27, 1999
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    Musical Health Plan

    The show doctor is in, and will take your cases one at a time, in order of urgency. I'm sure you've all filled out your insurance forms with the Group Sales officials at the front desk, so you'll be protected no matter how fatal the diagnosis. Please...

    by Michael Feingold on April 27, 1999
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    Dreaming in Cuban

    In an attempt to avoid the charmless effect of two consecutive one-person shows, the American Place Theatre has turned its performance space into a Cuban caf, complete with rice and beans, rum punch, and memorial altars for the evening's pieces. Int...

    by Ed Morales on April 27, 1999
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    Return of the Crow

    During the course of a bafflingly brutalizing interview, a young man meekly asserts that his questioners seem to be speaking not only in a "foreign tongue... but a language at some remove from those with which [he is] most familiar." Words like "roga...

    by Charles McNulty on April 27, 1999
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    What diva doesn't dream of playing the Greek leading ladiesthose lusty, bloody heroines and villainesses? A lucky girl may get to act a few of them in her career, but Cusi Cram does five a night in Euripidames, part of New Georges' "Watch This Space...

    by Alexis Soloski on April 27, 1999
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    Follow the Money - Dance in a Global Economy

    Public funds for dance depend on which way political winds are blowing. During the Cold War, Republican and Democratic administrations found it expedient to fund danceboth for international touring and domestic consumptionto demonstrate our artisti...

    by Elizabeth Zimmer on April 27, 1999
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    Southern Exposure

    A tiny ad in the dance section of the April 6 Voice invites choreographers to "present their work in Austria, France, Guatemala, Lithuania." I call the number, which has a Kentucky area code. The application materials that arrive look like a package...

    by Chris Dohse on April 27, 1999
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    Missionaries Dancing for Democracy

    In 1965, as Congress battled over whether the country needed an arts endowment, two congressmen reportedly pranced down the corridors, arms around each other's waists, chanting, "Hooray! I'm a Performing Art!" The U.S. has a history of considering th...

    by Deborah Jowitt on April 27, 1999
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    Some Words

    The title Some Words brings to mind John Ashbery's first book, Some Trees, but whereas Ashbery is arch, baroque, and whimsical, Bronk is somber, classically simple, gnomic: "To live without solace is possible because/solace is trivial: none is enough...

    by Thad Ziolkowski on April 27, 1999
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    Money Managers - Dance on the Trading Floor

    Economic crises ricochet around the world, making evident-for better or for worse-the interconnected marketplace. Dance is similarly global: American presenters import artists from many nations. Ballet dancers manage their own overseas tours. Compani...

    by Kate Mattingly on April 27, 1999
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    All Grown Up

    Damn! The kids in Eliot Feld's Ballet Tech do look smart this season. In fact, it's time to stop thinking of them as kids just because they come up through Feld's free Ballet Tech School. The company members are no younger than many other ballet danc...

    by Deborah Jowitt on April 20, 1999
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    Tiny Town

    Are economic woes or just a lack of inspiration responsible for the four flawed solos in this spring's "Fresh Tracks" six-item bill? Of the lot, only Michael Cecconi's challenging duet with Stephanie Liapis genuinely succeeds; Omar Rahim's ambitious ...

    by Elizabeth Zimmer on April 20, 1999
  • Rock of Ages


    Rock of Ages

    In Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie's hero was born at the inception of India's independence. Ormus Cama, the expatriate protagonist of Rushdie's sprawling, omnivorous, and millennial The Ground Beneath Her Feet, is exactly the same age as another ...

    by Jonathan Lethem on April 20, 1999
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    Document Zippo

    Part artist's book, part deconstruction of various icky obsessions, L.A. Ruocco's Document Zippo deserves a spot on that short, groaty shelf devoted to the literature of abjection. From the first chaptera meditation on the narrator's stained underwe...

    by C. Carr on April 20, 1999
  • Nam de Plume


    Nam de Plume

    Worlds succumb to shell shock, just as people do, in The Dragon Hunt, the first story collection by Vietnamese writer Tran Vu to appear in English. From the hallucinatory title novella, a meditation on guilt and self-destruction in his native land, t...

    by Celia Wren on April 20, 1999
  • A Zone of Her Own


    A Zone of Her Own

    In her 3-D video, Nirvana (199697), Mariko Mori flies through the air with the greatest of easeright at you. Decked out in pseudo-Shinto, Star Wars high-priestess drag, Mori floats over a glimmering landscape like a holographic Madonna, moving her ...

    by Jerry Saltz on April 20, 1999
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    Seeing Eye

    No doubt, visual experiences that introduce new concepts or enhance perception Renaissance paintings' linear perspective, pointillism's benday dot forays, and constructivism's dimensionless renderingsadapt the brain's cognitive capabilities. Giv...

    by Sue Spaid on April 20, 1999
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