Arthur Aviles' The Disco Project

In the groove: Aviles's Disco Project
photo: Marisol Diaz

The Disco Project: Flow to the Groove, by Arthur Aviles, isn't billed as interactive. But try sitting quietly with Peaches and Herb ("Shake Your Groove Thing") and nude, Dionysian Aviles in the house! On opening night, people clapped, wriggled, hooted, and sometimes sang along as hits kept coming—"Get Down Tonight," "Disco Duck" (Aviles in a chicken costume), "To Be Real," "I Will Survive." In Alberthy's Journey—a wildly condensed Wizard of Oz—Alberto Denis sampled every role except his "little dog too" (Ariane Garcia). Song Island—set to Heatwave's dreamy "Always and Forever"—showed off the group's experiments with continuous waves of motion. La La Land took an exhilarating flight over "MacArthur Park"—with Donna Summer at the controls—elegantly soaring on the melody. But you'll recall it's a rangy trip—17 1/2 minutes. By the time our diva steered us back to her rain-soaked cake, the dancers looked fried and grim. Aviles's one misstep in this fun evening was to expect his dancers to be every bit as tireless as his exuberant, baad!–boy self.

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