At Last, Weapons of Mass Destruction Are Found . . . In Queens!

Don't mind sitting in an AC-less, former industrial building? On narrow bleacher seats? Crushed against your neighbor's hip? At the Chocolate Factory performance space you can spend a back-killing hour while Kiyoko Kashiwagi provides ditzy diversion. Her X Kills Y, and Vice Versa continues her "anime dance" series, an artful blend of Western styles with Japanese cartoon aesthetics. She portrays a mad scientist bent on world domination via her secret weapon—Suzi Takahashi, a dominatrix-styled robot with bodacious knockers and man-slaying farts. Kashiwagi also plays a sweet Juliet-like girl whose superhero Romeo (Vincent McCloskey) wears a cape too short and narrow to cover his back—not a good sign. The youngish opening-night crowd giggled at the slightest provocation, but the pleasures of this piece—Kashiwagi's ballet and mime skills, Takahashi's hilarious acting—are anything but slight.

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