AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Day 3

Dave Navarro and Jesse Jane
Photo courtesy of CockyBastard.com

Las Vegas—While there’s no doubt that Jenna Jameson has become the most common household name in porn, another woman with the same initials is a mega star in her own right: Jesse Jane. A contract star with top company Digital Playground, she hosts two shows on Playboy TV, and she has appeared in HBO’s Entourage and the feature film Starsky and Hutch. This petite, blond blue-eyed beauty says, "I always wanted to be a sex icon, but I never knew it would get to this level."

While her Barbie doll looks will catch your eye, it's her undeniable charisma that ultimately wins you over. Spending a few hours at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with Jesse confirmed why she’s one of the biggest names in the industry: She's not just another pretty face—she works her ass off. Her day was filled with media interviews and signing autographs (her bodyguard counted a staggering 400 in just one hour), all while a camera crew from E! Entertainment Television follows her for a upcoming episode of Dr. 90210(she’s having her breast implants redone next month). As we walked from the convention back to her hotel room, fans approached her every few feet for a signature, a snapshot, or just to say hello. One man stopped her to exclaim, "You're a goddess!" and the woman he was with asked if she could have her picture taken with Jesse. After they posed together, the woman gushed, "I can't believe I hugged Jesse Jane!"

Jesse was gracious with every fan, and later told me, "A lot of people forget that the fans actually make you. Without your fans, you'd be nobody. It's really cool that people know you and they'll wait hours in line and they're so happy to meet me. That makes me happy."


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  • After a quick clothing change, we climbed into a limo to go to the AVN Awards Show rehearsal where she’ll be presenting an award. I overheard her tell her husband she was tired, and yet her patience and genuine bubbliness hadn't seem to fade one bit. Once inside the Events Center at Mandalay Bay, she stepped on stage with her co-presenters, Wicked Pictures contract girl Kirsten Price and rocker Dave Navarro. The three read the teleprompter and ran through their lines several times. Dave joked, "Why am I presenting with the two married women in porn? It's kind of fucked up." The audience laughed. When Jesse was dismissed by the director, she headed off to dinner with the E! camera crew in tow. A male performer asked her husband, "What are you doing later? Will you be partying?" He replied, "We're gonna eat and I think that's about it. It's been a long day for her." It certainly has.

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