AVN Adult Expo, Day Four

Shot glass swag from Shane's World
photo: Tristan Taormino

You may have noticed that Day Four is a little late, but I was in Vegas, baby! Everyone was pretty beat. But the fans kept coming, and the show had to go on, and I had one last day to accomplish quite a bit. I chatted with Kylie Ireland as she covered the show live for Playboy Radio, which just jumped from XM to Sirius Radio. I fondled Joanna Angel's beautiful breasts (with permission, of course) while she was signing for Adam & Eve and celebrating her win for Most Outrageous Sex Scene for her short video Re-Penetrator. Joanna told me she signed for a total of 34 hours in four days at three different booths, and she had lost her voice. The Vivid booth was completely empty, and I heard someone say, "They couldn't get their contract girls to show up after a Saturday night of partying, so they just gave up. Now it's tradition, Vivid is absent on Sunday." Believe it or not, they were the only ones—everyone else managed to roll out of bed and find their cute skimpy outfit and lip gloss. 2006 Best Couples Sex Scene winner Penny Flame signed for Red Light District in leg warmers and flip flops, and she looked adorable. As we neared the last hour, there was a frenzy of giveaways, and fans went crazy for any piece of swag they could get their hands on: t-shirts, stickers, temporary tattoos, Silly Putty, condoms, and my favorite: shot glasses from Shane's World. I waited in line to meet brand new Wicked Pictures contract girl Kirsten Price, and as I got closer, I heard her whisper to a security guard, "I feel like I am going to throw up." No surprise, since it had been a grueling four days for most of us. She looked like she was about to pass out, yet she smiled and signed my poster graciously before being ushered away into the back.

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