Bronx Impresario Aviles Brings His Evening to Restored Downtown Parlor

With Dixon Place temporarily reclaiming its snug Bowery haunt, dance fans once again flopped on sofas, tucking toes out of the way of galloping performers. In the spirit of curator Arthur Aviles, DP's latest installment of "Moving Men" seemed hell-bent on busting out of all limitations, spatial or otherwise. Huge, forceful performances characterized each dance—Daman Harun in Keila Cordova's Mercy, a dead-man-walking sculpted by Johnny Cash's larger-than-life vocals; Julio Arroyo, pantherish in his taut, flamenco-inflected Drowned Duality; Ivan Korn, from Malinda Allen's male quartet Knit, tall, brooding, and looming like Death or perhaps a heroic response to its ever present threat. But only Michael Leleux's trenchant Othered . . . (with Joni Mitchell songs interpreted by Nadia, underscoring Andrea Eisenstine's frightful, churning agitation) truly mastered DP's space. Bronx's Owl Red Moon company, in Dennis Darkeem's vigorous agua bendita y pies movivmeynto, completed the evening's bill.

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