Barbarians at WOW: from left, Danni Willis, Heather Rudzenski, Lissy Kilman, and Jasmina Sinanovic
photo: Ileana Marin

The Barbarians are at the gate, ready to take out the trash. Their show can't begin until they clear WOW's floor of SlimFast cans, diet soda bottles, women's 'zines, the Bible, and other discards. This red-hot, queer burlesque troupe comes value-added with radical politics, toy weapons, tank tops stained with menstrual blood (proffered for sale), and Molly Crabapple's fabulous strip and fire-eating act to the strains of Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher." And you'll never forget Anita Cookie as the All-American, beer-guzzling, proudly self-proclaimed asshole ("We've got the bomb, okay?") or Mistress Brad in No Salvation as the thorn-crowned Man of Sorrows tortured by a stern Condi and perpetually beaming Dubya. Cute dykes and transpeople stripping while fearlessly skewering political villains won't take down the Bush crime family but, for now, they might just help us save our sanity.

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